NXT Advantage

Take the Easy Way Home

We’re streamlining the path to affordable prefab homes by breaking down the walls that typically exist between all parties involved — the home buyer (that’s you), the home builder (that’s us), the home center (who you buy your NXT home from, coordinates delivery of your home, and assists you through the home installation process). What this means to you:

You’re At-Home From the Start

Throughout the home building process, your NXT Team Member will keep in touch with your Home Consultant, and will be available for what you need when you need it. Together, the NXT Team Member and the Home Consultant will keep you up-to-date on the construction of your home, your next step and how to get there. No more guessing what your move-in date will be — you’ll know exactly what we know. And if anything changes, you’ll know that too.

Advanced Facilities Mean Quality Homes

Our Clayton Hamilton building facility has been specifically outfitted to produce multi-section homes up to 80 feet in length. This means efficient, accurate work is the only kind of work we do.

Your Satisfaction is a Must

Our decades of experience with Clayton Homebuilding Group mean one thing: We know how to put our customers first. We know what works and what doesn’t and have put new practices into place to make sure the entire process goes smoothly.

Home centers (who you buy your NXT home from) play an important role. Your home center consultant is your point of contact throughout home selection, home buying and for any needs that arise after you move in. So, we’re being picky about which home centers can offer NXT homes. Learn more about our home center selection process.